[NetBehaviour] Initializing landscape404.com

arn info at x-arn.org
Thu Feb 13 17:21:27 CET 2014

Hello Netbehaviourists,

About Landscape404

IP addresses that provoked 404 Errors on this website are stored in a 
database and then used by PHP scripts in order to transform photographs 
of my daily and local environment. I use HTTP 404 Errors because it's 
the idea that something (or someone) is looking for something and does 
not find it, because this thing moved or does not exist. But this action 
creates something else, a trace in log files and databases. This trace 
can then be used in online pictures generation. Values contained in IP 
addresses are considered as global parameters to generate shapes that 
interfere with local photographs. Absence becomes presence.

Landscape404 is a prolongation, a container for continuation, 
considering previous works such as "Local context / Remote data", 
"Datapainting" and "Landscapes of errors".

Screenshots of compositions are regularly added to this website, in 
order to compose a global serie made of 404 realisations. To be informed 
about the evolution of this ongoing work, you can follow landscape404 
(@land404) on Twitter.

Best regards,

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