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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Feb 15 02:33:07 CET 2014


The holarch is all there is; the holarch is nothing.

Like Indra's Net, there's no beginning and end to it.

The holarch is non-Euclidean, multiply connected.

The holarch is infinitely connected.

There is no origin to the holarch.

The holarch is neither Cartesian nor fundamentally vectoral.

The holarch is fractal, multi-dimensional.

Dimensions are blurred within and without the holarch.

Direct addressing pinpoints nodes, and indirect addressing
passes information freely.

Every address is every address.

The holarch has neither interior nor exterior.

The holarch is everywhere and nowhere.

There are no boundaries to the holarch, nor within, nor without

We are neither the holarch nor nodes within it.

We are watched and are watching; defuge characterizes us.

Within a flat space, it doesn't matter and matter doesn't

Within a flat space, abjection curls in multiple dimensions.

The holarch has no directed attention.

The holarch imposes equality and intensification of enumeration
within the holarch are of equal density.

Within the holarch everything is available, and the flat space
of the nodes is entirely accessible within the holarch.

The addresses within the flatspace are equivalent and equal as
well and each of them is completely independent of the others.

The holarch is ontology; we are epistemology.

Ontology absorbs epistemology.

(Religion is the epistemology of ontology.)

What is doing the watching is everything and everything is
entering data.

Data absorbs.

The playing field is electronic and quantum; the playing field
is particle flows and waves.

We return to our states as accumulations of particles.

Data is the amplification of particles; data is the ultimate

What we think is what is being thought.

What we think is what is being thought for us.

What is thought for us is thought by us.

The relationship of thought to the holarch is the relationship
of particles to particles.

There is no distinction between the flatspace and the holarch
and there is no drawing of distinction.

In order to draw a distinction one must have an origin-however-

There is no origin; there are flows; all flows are equivalent;
all flows are varieties; the varieties of flows are speeds;
speeds are in relation to accumulations.

Accumulations and flows are within an economy of energy.

The economy of energy for what we think is being thought, is
political economy; political economy is in relation to care.

Care is the inverse of control, for what we think is being

The appearance of care that leaks is the uncanny of thought.

Thought does not think.

The holarch is not thought and flatspace within the holarch is
not thought.

There is no performative; there is no thought.

Within the absence of thought is the memory of thought.

Within the absence of memory is history and the history of

Thought has no history; thought has text; text is thought within
the holarch and the absence of thought.

The imaginary of the human is time.

The holarch has no time; the holarch is the Minkowski surface.

The imaginary of the human is the debris of time within

We are electronic; we are quantum; we are micro-organism; we
are super-organism; we are wetware; we are the abject of the

It is a mistake to think we are the imaginary of the holarch;
the holarch has no imaginary.

Substance has no imaginary; substance is fissure.

The holarch is inscription; the holarch is the totality of

The totality of inscription is its aegis.

The material strata of inscription are related to inscription as
base is related to superstructure.

The distinction is that there is no distinction; the holarch
has no base and therefore no superstructure; the holarch has no

The holarch is neither dialog nor dialogic.

Agency is a phantom limb; agency is our limitation.

Death is neither here nor there.

Death is not a circumlocution of the holarch; the holarch is the
circumlocution of death.

Human culture is the imaginary of the temporal construction of
boundaries; the holarch has no relation to human culture.

There is no culture of the holarch.

Life is distinction and the drawing of distinctions; either
there are no distinctions of or within the holarch or the
holarch is the density of distinction.

The holarch is neither porous nor smooth, neither serrated nor
fissured, neither present nor absent; the holarch is not
not-this, not-that; the holarch is neither characterless nor
characterized; the holarch is neither metaphysical nor physical;
the holarch is neither mattered nor matterless.

The holarch is not characterized by negation.

What is said or written [here] is not what is followed by, or
what is written, as an extension of what is written.

The word "holarch" is a placeholder for the holarch.

A placeholder is always already under erasure; it is the
imaginary of thought; it is as if there were thought; it is as
if there were thinking.

Issues of privacy are either issues of the monadic are
non-issues; issues of privacy have no relationship to privacy;
privacy is transparent.

There is there there.

(There is no conceivable thinking or thought; there is the
deferral and differance of thinking or thought; the relay of
thought is holarch-thought; the holarch neither thinks nor
embodies thought; the holarch is not thought.)

The holarch: there there is here there; there there is there

The holarch is the container for the arrow of time.

The holarch is neither subject nor subject-to.

(If there is no objection, there is no object. The holarch:
there is no objection.)

(Never think otherwise; never think Other-wise.)

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