[NetBehaviour] Regarding The Aesthetic Experience of Art and Mathematics...

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Mon Feb 17 02:57:23 CET 2014

"The brain responds to mathematical beauty in the same way that it does
to music and art, according to new research conducted by a team from
University College London.

After analysing the reactions of 15 mathematicians to formulae through
brain imaging, researchers found that the brain reacts similarly to
seeing a beautiful equation as it does to magnificent art or music."


Not sure how it relates to this:

"According to a recent study published in the journal Social
Neuroscience, looking at faces crafted from colons and parentheses can
trigger the same facial recognition response in the occipitotemporal
parts of brain that takes place when we gaze into meatspace visages of
other humans."


- Rob.

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