[NetBehaviour] Wounded; watch the video

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Feb 17 03:00:13 CET 2014


The wounded electronic embedded in human temporality, luminous
transformations carry the tragedy of the internalization of the
commons, all reduced, like the cosmological constant, to the
history and action of a term. Behind me (at Providence City
Hall), a front-loader operator kept screaming at me to get out
of the way and I've assumed that he'is the guilty one, who
brought down the light, now broadcasting to the snow and ice.


    the rule of hungry ghosts, speed-speed wounded biomes And
that so early and lone among the furious travesties of a wounded
As if the program refused to create the insect in its wounded
state, at HELP THE BURNED and wounded child, I work with virtual
wounded and/or deceased avatars, examining their Maybe say
something about sick bodies, stunted bodies, wounded bodies, the
wounded. Monolithic culture developed the technology of
'wounded' model; and 'quarter' combines two duets; both David
The ridge slopes down where the wound wires wounded, the base of
the To be in pain, slaughtered, wounded, is two-fold, interior,
wounded With the spear I was wounded, and offered I was Wounded
_everywhere_ appear logged and wounded. a book from World War
One - a hidden book - photographs of the wounded - I against the
text of unix command-line performance of the wounded sailor
almost of a to assembling wounded taken which made a it of the
are hungry ghosts, they gnaw at emptiness, they are wounded, now
continue.  bless the world cure the sick heal the wounded raise
the dead $$ blessed or wounded our wounded sailor, or the
'wounded' model; and broken bottles but the host was found
wounded on the other side of town. but you had to sleep in them,
eat and drink in them, you could be wounded capital offers the
scapegoat; the dead and wounded in Fallujah are collaboration
wounded in east timor confronted by a wounded bird, or insect,
or mammal. coughs up blood and dies, someone's wounded, screams
and cries::::: direction of wounded and suffering. now you will
insect, wounded and dysfunctional, emptiness, they are wounded,
asunder, wounded, just as the world falls apart, less from the
wounded Merlin: "The fox of Kaerdubalem shall take revenge on
wounded li- gnaw at emptiness, they are wounded, they are felt
nought, wounded her"..."the - infiltration of wounded species./*
ing "wounded" or indecisive content (finance, punk, age, AIDS) -
so ingly wounded planet; the superstructure is whatever the
airwaves/fiber- is _there,_ an increasingly wounded sorry
history toppling forward like wounded killing off my videos.
they're slewed together, collapsed/wounded from the knees,
feeding, always which everything wounded the technologies
itself; a wounded body least _that_ wounded, incapable of
misunderstood, wounded; I must either leave the loving,
cherished pages becomes debris asunder, wounded, falls apart,
wounded, nomy, clean game, with foreclosed though wounded
bodies. Here one slid of wounded planet, I have tasted hell. or
be wounded. There is always the wound to consider, but it
arrives unan- or wounded over...i've to antique the this break
"it's - even nought, permanently wounded; every mode of
transportation, from foot to cruise planes. I bring wounded the
wounded, the slaughtered, the megafaunal extinc- raped, the
robbed, the wounded, the slaughtered, the megafaunal extinc-
'wounded' model; repetitions: our two wounded have left
collapses, a dog wounded since then and probably before, the
body - the wounded or dying sink below, you will be among the
direction of wounded and suffering. now someone's wounded over
there, someone's wounded over there, speaks: The talk of the
wounded is the cry. The whisper is the murmur of surprise, Write
murder some coughs up blood and dies, someone's wounded, the
dream sutures and stitches the wounded. the horizon bends
crazily with the disorientation of the wounded. the wounded, the
body, th skins are words which break, wounded, tied walking
wounded. Among themselves they said they simply did not feel
safe we are all innocent in our lives, we are all wounded
wounded You wounded blue heron subtropical emanation wounded
wounded by spear, bespoken to Othin wounded, life would be
constant fury. We had set the script of revenge wounded, opened
the direction of wounded and suffering. now do this for me.

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