[NetBehaviour] Visceral circuitry emergent body

Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Mon Feb 17 18:54:09 CET 2014

fascinating work Marco, and enjoyed seeing you demonstrate it at CYNETarts
and in London when we met; 

here the work you posted (called sound sculpture)
again raises interesting questions for me that I am not sure how to formulate;
 performance wise and presentationally (lighting) the focus is placed on hands, but it's the
muscles and arms that also are factors (c an' t see the sensors/wiring), perhaps
hands are at outer perimeter of the flexed muscles of whole arms / lower arms your sensors sense,
and perhaps you do perform with a whole "circuitry" / Visceral circuitry emergent body
as you say, or not?  but how does the "whole" become performed-embodied into the sound (and our
image of hands clasping)?
-- I also felt there was a range of sound that obviously flows changes flowing through your patch
(software) and not through your body/only from body, i.e. how does your sound emerge
from body except metaphorically? or is what we hear coming from "Xth Sense”  amplified muscle contractions -- 
how does Xth Sense do that? I think  asked you this before, so maybe accept it please as a naive audience questions raised
in one's mind, how do you choose what sounds we hear (how is interactivity per-formed?) and
how do the soundfiles n your laptop get processed/affected by your muscular activity? are
there no soundfiles until the XttSense sends signals?



On Mon, 17 Feb 2014 15:11:52 +0000
Marco Donnarumma <lists at marcodonnarumma.com> wrote:

> An incarnated sound sculpture
> https://vimeo.com/86766860
> comments, critic, ideas are very welcome,
>  best wishes,

Just curious if it's also possible to get the noise of fluids moving
around the body, such as blood and joint fluids? Also bone vibration
pickup? (ie when wearing ear-plugs one becomes quite aware
of how much noise (ie footsteps) is transmitted through bone, though
perhaps you don't want to turn it into a Stomp)...

And curious as to whether the range of sound - new sounds (tone) come in
roughly half way or more through, is this a software parameter changing
or caused by the flexing of muscle not flexed until then? How many
muscles are being sensed?

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