[NetBehaviour] Glitcherature in Emacs

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Tue Feb 18 07:05:09 CET 2014

Glitcherature is glitch literature, glitch aesthetics applied to text.
"Kathy Acker uploaded by Bryce Lynch", as I said of Orphan Drift's novel

I've converted my earlier glitcherature Python code experiments to a
mode for the powerful and easily hackable Emacs text editor. You can get
the code here:


Installing and enabling glitcherature-mode in Emacs allows you to glitch
text by introducing OCR scanning errors, inserting random characters
around words or lines, converting text to binary or 1337 and more.
Additional functions are planned, and here's an example of what you can
do already:


STATELY, plump Buck Mulligan came from the STAIRHEAD, BEARING A bowl of
ungirdled, was SUSTAINED GENTLY BEHIND him ON THE MILD morning AIR. He

—Introibo AD ALTARE DEI.

HALTED, HE PEERED down THE DARK winding stairs AND CALLED out coarsely:

—Come up, Kinch! Come up, you fearful jesuit!

Solemwly he came fo_ard awd mouw_d the rouwd guwre_t. He f__ _ut awd
ble___ gravely thri_ the tower. the _urrouwdiwg lawd awd the _aki wg
mouwtaiw _. Thew. ca_hiwg _ight of S_phew Dedalu_. he bewt toward_ him
awd made r_id cro__e_ iw the _ r. gurgl iwg iw hi_ thr_t awd _hakiwg hi_
hed. Stephew _lu_. di_J

Buck Mulligan peeped an instant under the mirror and then covered the
bowl smartly.

—Back to barracks! he said sternly.

He added in a preacher's tone:
—For this, O dearly beloved, is the genuine Christine: body and soul and
blood and ouns. Slow music, please. Shut your eyes, gents. One moment. A
little trouble about those white corpuscles. Silence, all.

He peered sideways up and gave a long slow whistle of call, then paused
awhile in rapt attention, his even white teeth glistening here and there
with gold points.
Two strong shrill whistles answered through the calm.

—Thanks, old chap, he cried briskly. That will do nicely. Switch off the
current, will you?
HE SKIPPED OFF the gunrest and looked GRAVELY at his watcher, gathering
ABOUT HIS LEGS THE LOOSE FOLDS OF his gown. THE PLUMP shadowed face and
SULLEN oval JOWL recalled A PRELATE, patron OF ARTS in the MIDDLE AGES.
A PLEASANT SMILE broke quietly OVER his lips.

—The mockery of it! he said gaily. Your absurd name, an ancient C_ek

H£ p[]1nt£d h1s f1ng£r 1n fr1£ndly j£st /\nd w£nt []v£r t[] th£
p/\r/\p£t, l/\|_|gh1ng t[] h1ms£lf. St£ph£n D£d/\l|_|s st£pp£d |_|p,
f[]ll[]w£d h1m w£/\r1ly h/\lfw/\y /\nd s/\t d[]wn []n th£ £dg£ []f th£
g|_|nr£st, w/\tch1ng h1m st1ll /\s h£ pr[]pp£d h1s m1rr[]r []n th£
p/\r/\p£t, d1pp£d th£ br|_|sh 1n th£ b[]wl /\nd l/\th£r£d ch££ks /\nd n£ck.

Bμck Mμll|g/-\n's g/-\y v0|c€ w€nt 0n.
—My-- ==name-- ==is-- ==absurd-- ==too:-- ==Malachi-- ==Mulligan,--
==two-- ==dactyls.-- ==But-- ==it-- ==has-- ==a-- ==Hellenic-- ==ring,--
==hasn't-- ==it?-- ==Tripping-- ==and-- ==sunny-- ==like-- ==the--
==buck-- ==himself.-- ==We-- ==must-- ==go-- ==to-- ==Athens.-- ==Will--
==you-- ==come-- ==if-- ==I-- ==can-- ==get-- ==the-- ==aunt-- ==to--
==fork-- ==out-- ==twenty-- ==quid?

He laid the brush aside and, laughing with delight, cried:

—Will he come? The jejune jesuit!

CeaSInG, hE BeGAn TO SHaVe wItH cARE.

—Tell me, Mulligan, Stephen said quietly.

—Yes, my 1o\\//3?

—How long is Haines going to stay in this tower?


—God, `|sn't he dreadful? he said )=ra~kly. A pon∂erous Saxon. He thinks
you're not a gentleman. God, these bloØdy E~glis)-(! Bursting with money
and indigestion. Because he comes from Oxford. You know, Dedalus, you
have the real Oxford manner. He can't make you out. O, my name for you
is the best: Kinch, the knife-blade.

He shaved warily over his chin.

—He WAS raving all night about A black PANTHER, Stephen SAID. Where IS

—A woful lunatic! Mulligan said. Were you in a

was, St3ph3n s@!d w!th 3n3rgy @nd gr()w!ng f3 at r. Out here in the dark
with a man I don't know raving and moaning to himself about shooting a
black panther. You saved men from drowning. I'm not a hero, however. If
he stays on here I am off.


—Scutter! he cried thickly.

H3 c at m3 ()v3r t() th3 g\/nr3st @nd, thr\/st!ng @ h at nd !nt() St3ph3n's
\/pp3r p()ck3t, s@!d:

—Lend us a loan of your noserag to wipe my razor.




He mounted to the parapet again and gazed out over Dublin bay, his fair
oakpale hair stirring slightly.


—God! he said quietly. I$|\|'7 7|-|3 $3@ vv|-|@7 A16`/ (@11$ !7: @ 6®3`/
$vv337 44()7|-|3®? T|-|3 $|\|()76®33|\| $3 at . T|-|3
$(®()7\/447!6|-|73|\|!|\|6 $3 at . E|*! ()!|\|()|*@ |*()|\|7()|\|. A|-|,
D3|)@1\/$, 7|-|3 G®33|<$! I 44\/$7 73@(|-| `/()\/. Y()\/ 44\/$7 ®3@|)
7|-|344 !|\| 7|-|3 ()®!6!|\|@1. T|-|@1 at 77@! T|-|@1 at 77@! S|-|3 !$ ()\/®
6®3 at 7 $vv337 44()7|-|3®. C()443 @|\||) 1()()|<.

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