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The lost last sonnet which has lost its capitals
returns in sonnet's blues as apple. So then the murk flaps it all!
The opening of the sonnet is the opening of the mouth which engorges
entirety algorithm refer sonnet replacing vowels from forges!
Then sonnets go nowhere, I'm always surprised
entirety algorithm refer sonnet replacing vowels from eyes!
Filtering? Well, refer sonnet writing. So why both? Because,
the sonnet that draws the poem forward beyond return has claws.
In other words, take out the grrrls and theory, a sonnet
fears luxury, petunias, sonnets and cold showers upon it!
So deluge claws the poem forward forthwith, the sonnet to
sonnet in the modern manner, with a kind of glue.
Think of Aram Saroyan's early work or the sonnet's situation:
sonnet! DNS! entropy! The thanks of a grateful nation.

1    grep -h sonnet texts/*.txt | head -14 > zz
2    pico zz

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