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Crossing media boundariesAdaptations and new media forms of the book

It is necessary to continuously review the definition of the book moving
from one bound by its material form to one determined by its function as a
means of communication. The book's social function as *the* high status
vehicle for communicating new ideas and cultural expressions is being
challenged by sophisticated systems of conveying meaning in other media. In
this article, we report on two projects: electronic book (e-book)
publication and reader forum for *Nature Mage* and the transmedia augmented
reality (AR) fiction *Sherwood Rise*, which investigate these issues.
Claudio Pires Franco's work is based on the adaptation of a source work:
Duncan Pile's *Nature Mage*. The project aims to develop the book from
e-book to a fan-produced enhanced digital book. Through this practice-based
research, Franco investigates the definitions and classification of the e
and i forms of the book and adaptation in new media; the role of the author
in creative collaboration with readers through online forums; the extension
of the story world through creative collaboration and reader participation
while respecting and safeguarding creative properties. One remove from the
traditional book, David Miller's *Sherwood Rise*, research the user
experience with AR to examine narrative problems and explore new
storytelling aesthetics. These new media forms define the outer borders of
the book system within which content is formed and moulded, and around
which society is shaped...

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