[NetBehaviour] Help GNU MediaGoblin Fight Surveillance and Walled Gardens in 2014!

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Thu Feb 27 00:53:37 CET 2014

tl;dr - MediaGoblin is a free-as-in-freedom YouTube/Flickr/etc.
replacement that needs your help with funding:


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Subject: 	GNU MediaGoblin campaign for federation and privacy in 2014!
Date: 	Wed, 26 Feb 2014 16:21:15 -0500
From: 	Chris Webber <cwebber at gnu.org>
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To: 	Rob Myers <rob at robmyers.org>

Hello all,

I'm excited to announce that GNU MediaGoblin has launched our new
fundraising campaign. We've got a wonderful new video that I think
clearly explains our goals for the coming year... check it out

Thanks to your support, this last year has been really excellent! We've
pushed out five major releases, and hosted six successful internships
through Summer of Code and Outreach Program for Women. Plus, we began
integrating federation into the main GNU MediaGoblin codebase and making
a general purpose federation library called PyPump.

We want to make the coming year the year of /Getting GNU MediaGoblin in
the hands of the people/!

So we're asking for your help. We've partnered up again with the Free
Software Foundation <https://fsf.org>, and we've got a lot of cool
things planned: wrapping up federation support and releasing version
1.0, adding new privacy features, podcast support, and making GNU
MediaGoblin even easier to run and deploy -- oh yeah!

We're offering some sweet rewards! Take a look

Did I mention that since the FSF is a 501(c)(3) charity, your donations
are tax-deductible in the U.S.? This also means if your employer matches
charitable contributions, you have the option to magnify your donation
to GNU MediaGoblin! And finally, for folks who dig our work all year
round, we've set up monthly donations.

Thanks again for your help! /You/ make this possible!

Christopher Allan Webber,
GNU MediaGoblin lead developer

PS: Anything you can do to spread the word of the campaign REALLY helps!
Word of mouth from our supporters is the most effective way to get our
message out there, so if you can tell your family and friends, and post
to your blog or social networks... we'll be able to build the future of
the Web!

PPS: Thanks again! Seriously, you rock!

Follow us on identi.ca at http://identi.ca/mediagoblin
Contribute to GNU MediaGoblin at http://mediagoblin.org/pages/campaign.html

Sent on behalf of GNU MediaGoblin by the Free Software Foundation,

51 Franklin Street
Fifth Floor
Boston, MA 02110-1335
United States

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