[NetBehaviour] Help GNU MediaGoblin Fight Surveillance and Walled Gardens in 2014!

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Thu Feb 27 23:56:54 CET 2014

On 27/02/14 03:37 AM, marc garrett wrote:
> Thanks for sending us the vid & link to GNU MediaGoblin project - I know
> we are meant to be working with them and have not quite got there yet,
> which more to with us being limited in capacity, and much happening at
> the same time.

I can relate to that. :-)

> Also, I notice they are still using Identi.ca - which I presume means
> they have it based on their own server. I'm wondering what you think
> regarding identi.ca <http://identi.ca> when it is so full of spam & bots?

I'm more involved with GNU social, the software that identi.ca used to run:


so I can't really comment on the day-to-day experience of identi.ca .

GNU social is still being developed and there are good public instances
available such as http://quitter.se/ and the Brony social network RDN -
http://rainbowdash.net/ .

identi.ca is now using pump.io, which is the software that the original
author of identi.ca wrote next. You can read about it and how it relates
to GNU social here -


I'm a fan of bots (I'm still writing them & my last startup was based on
them), and spam is a more interesting socioeconomic phenomena than our
everyday experience of it as annoyance indicates. That said I think
pump.io's federation should help filter them. Decentralization and
subscription mitigate against unwanted messages, although we then stray
into Filter Bubble territory.

GNU social is also federated, and one of the goals for GNU MediaGoblin
for this year is federation. Which is another very good reason for
people to support this fundraiser. :-)

- Rob.

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