[NetBehaviour] Video of Glitch Moment/ums at Furtherfield Gallery now up.

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Fri Jan 3 15:32:13 CET 2014

Video of Glitch Moment/ums at Furtherfield Gallery now up.

Vimeo - http://bit.ly/Kofeex

The artists in this exhibition appropriate the technological and digital 
medium in order to make what is known as Glitch Art. These technically, 
imaginative disruptions include different approaches with the media 
whether it exploits software or hardware and includes video, sound and 
glitch textiles.

This video was taken at Glitch Moment/ums opening event at Furtherfield 
Gallery (London) on Saturday 8 June 2013. Featuring artists: Alma 
Alloro, Melissa Barron, Nick Briz, Benjamin Gaulon, José Irion Neto, 
Antonio Roberts and Ant Scott.

More about the exhibition that took place in June 2013


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