[NetBehaviour] A Movie With Tilda Swinton As a Semen-Powered Robot

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Mon Jan 6 11:44:58 CET 2014

A Movie With Tilda Swinton As a Semen-Powered Robot.

By Jamie Maurer.

There was a sort of romanticism about technology in the 1990s and early 
2000s that I kind of miss. Computers and the Internet were still a new 
enough thing that we treated them a little like actual, real magic. 
Putting the word “virtual” in front of something made it seem vastly 
more powerful, and “cyberspace” was still a thing that people actually 
said unironically. “I’m having a hard time envisioning this ‘Internet’ 
thing,” we said. “This time try describing it as if it were a glowing 
crystal labyrinth shrouded by arcane sigils carved into the sky with 
neon. Try that.”

The somewhat obscure 2002 indie sci-fi movie Teknolust is a romance 
about magical technology, and it has all of the marks of that era 
(“virtual cybernetspace” and so forth) but what makes it particularly 
memorable are the specifics of its subject matter.

Teknolust is a movie about robots that run on semen.

And it is really good.


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