[NetBehaviour] The self-abolition of the poet

netbehaviour netbehaviour at furtherfield.org
Mon Jan 6 11:52:27 CET 2014

The self-abolition of the poet

Jasper Bernes, Joshua Clover, and Juliana Spahr

At the excellent Poetry and/or Revolution conference a few months back, 
one salient but perhaps muddy point of discussion concerned the 
relationship between poetry and capitalism (or class society more 
broadly). A couple of us here at Commune Editions wrote on this point in 
our statements for the conference, with Joshua Clover averring that a 
successful revolution would spell the end of the poet as a distinct 
social role, while Tim Kreiner and Jasper Bernes seemed to take an even 
more maximalist position, suggesting that the revolutionary formation of 
a free and equal society would mean not only the end of poets but also 
poems, allowing for some new and for us inconceivable form of aesthetic 
expression that might still deserve the name poetry.


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