[NetBehaviour] UpStage 10th Birthday! 9-10 January 2014

helen varley jamieson helen at creative-catalyst.com
Mon Jan 6 23:07:53 CET 2014

thanks rob :) the networked symposium part of this week's UpStage 
birthday celebrations will be a small taste/reminder of what the 
CyPosium was. there will be 3 presentations, from annie abrahams, isabel 
valverde & christina papagiannouli - all artists working in various 
forms of networked performance and speaking specifically about remote 
collaboration within their work. the programme mixes their presentations 
in with 3 performances & discussion time, so we hope for more fruitful 
discussion like the CyPosium. find your local time for everything here: 

for those who missed the CyPosium, there are screen recordings of all 
the presentations on the web site: http://cyposium.net/ along with other 
documentation, plus a book is in production.

h : )

On 7/01/14 7:43 AM, Rob Myers wrote:
> On 05/01/14 03:33 AM, ruth catlow wrote:
>> Last year's Cyposium and Upstage festivals offered some of the highlight
>> art experiences of my year.
> Yes I absolutely loved Cyposium.
> Err nothing constructive to add, sorry. But I really did.
> - Rob.
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