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helen varley jamieson helen at creative-catalyst.com
Mon Jan 6 22:25:18 CET 2014

hi marc,
yes that would be good. & if it wouldn't be done in time for the 
celebrations then it's better as we have a planning meeting as part of 
the celebrations, so (hopefully!) we will have some ideas from that 
about the future.

there has definitely been a lot happening in the 10 years so it would be 
great to talk about it :) do you want to do it by skype? i'm in 
wellington until 16th january then in brisbane & melbourne until i get 
back to munich on 28th jan, so best for me would either be before the 
16th, or after the 28th.

h : )

On 7/01/14 1:08 AM, netbehaviour wrote:
> Hi Helen,
> I'm not sure if we'll get the interview finished by the time of the 
> UpStage celebrations 9-10 Jan.
> So I thought it would be interesting to chat about where UpStage is 
> after 10 years,
> ...and about different aspects of UpStage, such as the art, the 
> performances, the technology and the platform, the social context & 
> what you have learned as a collective these 10 years & also its future...
> Wishing you well.
> marc

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