[NetBehaviour] Interview with Art Award Winner Katerina Athanasoppulou: Emigration and the Crisis

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Wed Jan 8 16:14:11 CET 2014

Interview with Art Award Winner Katerina Athanasoppulou: Emigration and 
the Crisis.

Eva Kekou interviews Katerina Athanasoppulou about her film Apodemy 
commissioned by The Onassis Cultural Center on the theme of Emigration 
for Visual Dialogues 2012, and her hybrid art practice of live action, 
animation and film. In 2013 Athanasoppulou won the Lumen Prize, 
described by the Guardian as "The World's Pre-eminent Digital Art 
Prize". She works as an Animation Director, collaborates with other 
artists and companies, and is an Animation Lecturer at the London 
College of Communication.


Eva Kekou has a multidisciplinary background (literature, art history 
and political theory) and she is specialised in media art. Her main 
field of expertise: urban studies, interactive media and public art and 
her research work is widely presented and also published on line and in 
reputable journals. She organised the symposium Urban Digital Narratives 
(2011), Athens in Trans-It-ion (2012), Glob-art perspectives and crisis 
is a greek word in the end (2012). She has curated a number of shows and 
events. She has worked as an adjunct lecturer and has lived in Austria, 
Luxembourg, United Kingdom and United States. She is now based in Athens 
Greece where she works as a freelance curator, writer and researcher.

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