[NetBehaviour] Call for Papers by Magazine Erwachsenenbildung (Adult Education)

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Thu Jan 16 17:52:27 CET 2014

"Aesthetic Education" in the Digital Age

Call for Papers by Magazine Erwachsenenbildung (Adult Education)

- Can aesthetics be divorced from its instrumentalization?

- What happens to “content“ if everything is diluted to information?

- How is “aesthetic education“ connected with political education, an 
understanding of democracy and subjects such as bioethics, human rights 
and environmental protection?

- And which priorities of an updated “aesthetic education” are in 
conflict with actually existing neoliberalism?

 From 1793-1801, Friedrich Schiller wrote “On the Aesthetic Education of 
Man,” a treatise on art as an independent medium for improving the 
character1. We question how topical an “aesthetic education” is today 
against the backdrop of globalization and digitalization as well as the 
financial and government debt crisis and the subsequent challenges for 
education and culture that have emerged from it.

Journal for adult education Magazine Erwachsenenbildung.at is an 
Austrian open access journal for issues in adult education with a 
special focus on lifelong learning. Past issues have addressed education 
offers, demand and needs, professionalization, and educational policy in 

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