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This is sleek and smart work! I like it very much ( although I did have to do quite a lot of googling to fully understand what you were doing...)
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Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin use a "proof of work" system to prevent

Artworks are proofs of aesthetic work.

Facecoin uses machine pareidolia as its proof of work. This is
implemented by applying CCV’s JavaScript face detection algorithm to
SHA-256 digests represented as greyscale pixel maps. An
industrial-strength version would use OpenCV. Due to the limitations of
face detection as implemented by these libraries, the digest pixel map
is upscaled and blurred to produce images of the size and kind that they
can find faces in.

The difficulty can be varied by altering the size and blur of the
pixmap. Or by only allowing particular detected face bounds rectangles
to be used a set number of times.
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