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James Morris jwm.art.net at gmail.com
Mon Jan 20 20:22:12 CET 2014

Google Transcendance (tm). You'll be dead but a digital version, will
live on, Hurrah! Feel every bit of you... you two! You too! Living and
breathing binary data. Your datumnull years, the best years of your
life not existing.

On 20 January 2014 06:44, Alan Sondheim <sondheim at panix.com> wrote:
> can't wait until Google contact lenses and Google mind and Google
> what-the-f*ck can take over my body and then Google mind can get rid of the
> rest of the debris and I won't have to know or remember anything anymore and
> Google can just kick what's left around the street until the lenses are the
> last things there and you walk along and find them on the sidwalk and take
> them and do new things with them I won't have to know a damn thing about
> what you do with them
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