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Production Grant olorVISUAL collection

LABoral and the collection olorVISUAL, Barcelona, have announced the
Production Grant olorVISUAL, an anual call which aims to award a production
residency programme to a European artist under 40, for executing an art
project within the scope of art, science and technology.

With a funding of €12.000 for the execution of the work, the selected artist
will work during two months at Plataforma 0. Production Center of LABoral
and will have access to technical resources and personal advising during the
production residency programme which will take place between May and June
this year. Then, the piece will be exhibited at the Mediateca Expandida of
the Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial de Gijón in an exhibition at
LABoral which will take place between July 11 and October 12, 2014, where
the piece created will establish a dialogue with other pieces of the said

olorVISUAL is a contemporary art collection built after the vision of the
essence maker and collector Ernesto Ventós: The smell, which is chemistry,
is made from a physical and luminous reality, the colour. Baptised by the
poet Joan Brossa, olorVISUAL was created in 1978 after the exhibition
Sugestiones olfativas at the Fundación Joan Miró in Barcelona and based on
the transformation of smells into painting by Ráfols-Casamada. Later, the
collector moves from commissioning into choosing a work of art, which is to
be accompanied by a caption where the author emphasises the synesthesic
relationship between his/her work and smell, which is the monographic topic
of the collection.

Closing Date
The deadline for sending the documents by post ending on March 10, 2014. Is
taken as the reference date postmarked on the envelope.
It can be also submitted via email before midnight on March 10th to
produccion at laboralcentrodearte.org

More information:

Diego Ugalde Blanco
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