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Tue Jan 21 22:45:31 CET 2014

On 21 Jan 2014 19:49, "Rob Myers" <rob at robmyers.org> wrote:
> On 21/01/14 04:05 AM, James Morris wrote:
> > can computer facial recognition assign personally types too? criminal,
> > doctor, teacher, farmer, etc?
> Machine phrenology?

I was thinking more machine based Anthropological criminology and/or
physiognomy' basically to combine a 'backward' pseudo science  with machine
pareidolia - might be fun seeing a lamp post classed as a bank robber etc.

Thanks for the informations.

> Face recognition research is driven by the needs of marketing and
> surveillance and so is concerned with demographics and identity. Gender
> and emotion/affect are big areas of research, as is identifying
> individuals. These can all be used for selling you the right products or
> catching the right terrorists, or at least are sold as such.
> Pareidolia isn't the worst problem with these systems, they also tend to
> be a bit racist one way or the other due to their training data sets:
> http://www.oddee.com/item_98248.aspx
> - Rob.
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