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You might find something similar on Berlin based internetradio Radio On.
The radio offers a wide range of interviews, part a selection of the
archive, part weekly live shows.
There are also Radiophonic productions and RadioPlays.
For example today we present interviews with John Hopkins, lecturer and
net-worker tech-no-mad.org
A radioplay by Polish curator Michal Libera, followed by an interview with
A great interview with Christine Jakobs, Helen Arnold and Daniel Planchard
about Paris1968 and revolution & poetry

The interviews are not BBC-style, sometimes a bit wild, or absurd, but we
get the right answers.

Try it here,


PM, marc garrett wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> > Featuring: Rob Myers
> Marc's interview manner is so good that despite being terrified of being
> on radio I think I answered all the questions. :-)
> I miss the radio show, it was a great combination of elements and gave
> some real insights into some really good work.
> - Rob.
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