[NetBehaviour] Talk: Internet of Growing Things: Joey Holder and Lisa Ma

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Thu Jan 23 13:33:11 CET 2014


Internet of Growing Things: Joey Holder and Lisa Ma
Wednesday 5 February, 6.15 – 8.00pm
Tickets: £5 / £4

Book Now: http://nearnow.org.uk/events/

Visual artist Joey Holder and speculative designer Lisa Ma kick off our 
2014 monthly talks series. In this talk, Joey & Lisa will each share 
their practice and discuss their current research trajectories in 
developing work around food and future agri-cultures during the Internet 
of Growing Things residency.

Joey Holder's visual essay will delve from the depths of the oceanic 
floor to our dinner plate, tracing the layers of abstraction and 
complexities of consumption and production systems. Holder is a visual 
artist who explores the structures and hierarchies of the technological 
and natural world by mixing elements of biology, nanotechnology and 
natural history against computer program interfaces, screen savers and 
measuring devices.

Does activism have to be loud to be effective? Why are perfect futures a 
bit daunting? Lisa Ma will introduce us to her work on the subject of 
invasive species from work with Ghent University Department of Marine 
Ecology and it’s potential for more curious and involved forms of 
involvement with healthcare, taxation and citizenship. Lisa Ma 
specialises in combining ethnographic research practices with fringe 
communities and public perception to produce services and social events 
that cross the boundaries between politics, science and technology.


FOR MORE INFORMATION ON LISA MA: http://nearnow.org.uk/people/lisa-ma/

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