[NetBehaviour] It’s Arts Council Cuts time again, a Tory-led program to privatize the arts

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Tue Jan 28 10:14:56 CET 2014

It’s Arts Council Cuts time again, a Tory-led program to privatize the arts


It’s Arts Council Cuts time again, the new Tory-led programme to get the 
arts off public subsidy and onto private funding, and, in the process, 
create virtually out of nowhere a brand-new job opportunity for posh 
girls in the arts: development officer for struggling art spaces. The 
supplications — sorry, applications — from art venues are not due till 
March, but already the rumours are starting about who’s going to get cut 
(basically, anyone without a digital strategy) as people stare sadly 
into the prospect of a rapidly dwindling pie.

First up for spite is, of course, the Serpentine, which managed to get 
negative press about their financial arrangements even before the 
Christmas holiday. Well done, Serpentine! In December, news flew that 
the Serpentine co-directors, Julia Peyton-Jones and Hans Ulrich Obrist, 
the curator who can reasonably claim to out-network the internet, gave 
themselves whopping pay rises. The fact that they each make upwards of 
£140,000 and £120,000, respectively (when other director salaries hover 
around the £60K level) is not the only thing raising ire — it’s also the 
fact that the Serpentine, the most strategically located art space in 
history, receives around £900,000 in funding from the Arts Council, and 
that this figure is arrived at in a pretty unfair way.

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