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Ha. yes Rob, I discuss Stockhausen Serves Imperialism with my students.

Old Karlheinz  must have done something fairly significant to piss Cornelius off that much, although I personally think that this level of invective can only really come from a guilt ridden upperclass Marxist.

He does make some interesting points though, and while I enjoy the experimentation in Stockhausen's work, he wore a strict Catholicism on his sleeve. A not very enlightened position shall we say !

Seeing past the man's personal failings and irrationality, Helekopta Quartet is a great work and one needs listen to at high volume and sat in the centre of the stereo spectrum for best experience.

Interestingly it also drew the ire of the Austrian Greens, and a series of performances for the Festspiele in 1994 had to be cancelled because they didn't want the air polluted by this Stockhausen !


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