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The programme of experimentation in art and politics (SPEAP), founded in
2010 at Sciences Po Paris is driven by key notions of experimentation,
inquiry and representation with a view to the creation of new operational
procedures, which combine the social sciences, art and politics. This
implies the renewal of existing formats that serve to define 'public
affaires', from which the term 'art politics' rather than 'political
science' emerges. SPEAP intends to interrogate the issues surrounding
'public affaires' by putting in place an experimental space, taking
inspiration from pragmatist philosophy, sociology, the history of science,
as well as the history of art. The originality of the course is the way in
which it has participants work for one year in groups on practical
projects relating to real issues.

To whom does SPEAP address itself?
SPEAP is a programme designed for young international-professionals:
social science researchers, artists (in the wider sense of the term,
including architecture and design) and professionals from a cultural or
political milieu. A high level of fluency in English, as well as French
will be a requirement.

International Negotiations on Climate
For they academic year 2014-2015, SPEAP wishes to take advantage of the
opportunity presented by the Climate Conference COP21, to be held in Paris
in December 2015. Working on the urgent and necessary questions raised,
and on new forms of debate and modes of representation for the climate
problem. Participants will form multi-disciplinary groups mobilized around
commissions generated by this global event.
It is not necessary to be a specialist on climate questions, eco-politics
or geo-politics, or even to have worked on such subjects, however,
readiness to contribute your skills and methods to the projects concerned
with these questions will be imperative.

How to apply?
To apply you must create a dossier (following the guidelines on
blogs.sciences-po.fr/speap/), and respond to the title below:
‘Representative Assemblies’

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