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Hello Helen, making something for a touch screen is not so complicated.
What do you need?

You can program in the same way as you would do for the mouse, only instead
of a mouse you touch directly on the screen. (The monitor knows where you
touched it, the same as if a mouse would click there). Just make sure that
you make the buttons a little bit bigger, so it is easier to click on them
with fingers. And be aware that you don't have the 'mouse-down' moment. The
moment you touch the screen is the 'mouse-release' moment.

Best, Cym

On Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 11:31 AM, helen varley jamieson <
helen at creative-catalyst.com> wrote:

>  hi,
> is there anyone on the list who has any experience in programming
> touchscreen interfaces? i have some questions for a project i'm working on,
> & potentially there could be a bit of paid work in it for someone. it isn't
> hugely complicated but i've never done anything for touchscreens before.
> please reply to me offlist & i'll give more details. thanks,
> h : )
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