[NetBehaviour] A local web - article from Rhizome

Ruth Catlow ruth.catlow at furtherfield.org
Fri Nov 14 11:29:01 CET 2014

I recently saw Danja Vasiliev and Teresa Dillon present Superglue which
adds in another layer to the mesh network tools - local servers, with
webpage building tools. http://superglue.it/

Really looking forward to playing around with these (ideally with a
group of other curious types) to see what it feels like, and what
difference it makes to have your own server built into a plug, plugged
in next to the kettle.

I don't know if I am blowing their cover by saying that it seems to me
that this is a stealth net artwork - masquerading as a startup company.

On Thu, 2014-11-13 at 16:27 -0800, Rob Myers wrote:
> On 09/11/14  PM, ruth catlow wrote:
> > 
> > This is article from Adam Rothstein for Rhizome which sets out some
> > of slippages that occur between the philosophy and material reality
> > of distribution across networks, and points to a public mesh
> > network workshop and exhibition coming out of Eyebeam that thinks
> > about local networks as sites for art - nice!
> That's awesome. And yay Armin Medosch.
> Meshnets are one of those constantly just around the corner
> technologies. The software and hardware are still being developed, and
> even the mathematics is a challenge (how do we get a mesh *internet*
> connecting local networks without simply swamping intermediate
> conenctions or tying them back to the corporate cable backbones?).
> There's a lot of knowledge out there (I attended a meeting in
> Vancouver recently where meshnet newbies were talking to a more
> experienced meshnetter and finding out what the possibilities and
> issues are), hopefully it will survive being theorised. ;-)
> > http://rhizome.org/editorial/2014/nov/6/making-internet-local-mesh-network/
> Occupy.here
> > 
> was a Rhizome-sponsored project. It's similar to the
> Piratebox. The little routers they use are very cheap, about 20 quid,
> and it's a fun excercise to make a single-node wireless network.
> - Rob.
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