[NetBehaviour] a graduate art history class examines city college's art collection

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Hi Joelit's difficult to reply without sounding pretentious. I *think* what I do is to look at things which interest me ( and some of these things are themselves cultural in nature, but not all) and to make things which feel, somehow, *true*.From another direction it has occured to me recently that everything I've made over the last 14/15 years resembles by analogy  zuihitsu - an anthology of (extremely loosely) connected pieces united perhaps only by the personality and interests of their maker.Any more than that I think it's for someone else to say, but thanks for asking. I really appreciate your interest!warmest wishesmichael

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 Hi Michael;
 All this work, which I've been looking through, is very engaging.
 I'm wondering if there's a philosophical core that holds it together.
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