[NetBehaviour] Privacy/Tracking Browsing Plugins

James Morris james at jwm-art.net
Thu Nov 20 19:23:43 CET 2014

Just thought I'd share some interesting plugins I've encountered since 
Ghostery has become utterly useless on my particular system due to some 
obscure bug affecting some users but not others.

TrackMeNot: This Firefox/Chrome plugin uses noise to obfsucate by 
sending random queries to search engines thus your real searches get 
lost. Some users expressed concern the plugin was sending queries for 
pipebombs and porn. Others expressed accusations of fearmongering. It 
now has a blacklist where you can add search terms to avoid.

ZenMate: Multi-Browser plugin encrypts your browsing and hides your IP 
address (via VPN with choice of five countries). Article on ZDNET with 
more info: 

NoScript: Cripples websites by blocking their scripts. Suckers.

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