[NetBehaviour] NoTube Contest 2014 in Bangalore, India. And much more. IOCOSI

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Mon Nov 24 15:14:09 CET 2014

Dear friends,

We are quite excited as this month we joined the TAJ Residency program 
and SKE gallery in Bangalore, India. The sun is shining here, and this 
gives us plenty of energy to continue exploring the dark side of YouTube...

On Thursday 27th November we are going to organise the 2014 edition of 
the NoTube Contest 

The 2014 edition will be hosted by the Centre for Internet and Society 
(CIS) of Bangalore and will be a fierce battle between local competitors.

The NoTube Contest is a competition where participants are asked to find 
and submit the less valuable video they can find on YouTube. There are 
three main criteria for the evaluation of each submission: NoTube videos 
should show no clear reason to be made, published or even watched. This 
excludes funny videos, LoLcats, viral or any other video with an 
identifiable narrative, set of keywords or tags. The previous edition 
took place at the Influencers festival in Barcelona, Spain, and the 
final winner was Elena Lopez Martin with the video 'Doing Nothing'.

On December 4th we will participate at the C(h)roma show, curated by 
Marialaura Ghidini and Tara Kelton. The exhibition will take place at 
the Croma electronics megastore at 100 Feet Road in Bangalore. We'll 
bring our FirstViewer Television, an online streaming of zero-views 
videos from YouTube.

The day after, December 5th, First Viewer Television will also be 
presented at roBOt Festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at L'Usina de 
l'Arte. On November 29th we will take part at the finals of the Premio 
Francesco Fabbri for contemporary art (Treviso, Italy), in the 
'Contemporary Photography' section, with 'Drone Selfies'.

We hope to see you at one of these events.

Sending you good wishes from India,

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