[NetBehaviour] restarting...

{ brad brace } bbrace at eskimo.com
Wed Oct 1 20:03:30 CEST 2014

[ did you notice that I washed/scrubbed the Justy? Lorn saw
me and presumably the manager saw the Justy moved and clean
as (probably) she stuck the same notice on all the apt doors
about the rent increase yesterday: in the drawer ]

1.) the driver side door lock doesn't work (but I've got
some lock-free fluid soaking inside which is why there's
tape over the locks on that side -- someone tried to force
the lock and so the little retractable cover over the key
opening doesn't close and rain gets in, etc) SO: open the
passenger side door and reach across and open the driver's
side release

2.) there's very little fuel in the tank (so I can add some
fresh when I restart in 6 months -- the fuel stablizer I
added will keep it from gumming-up) so avoid having to start
it is what I'm saying -- if you need to add more fuel please
also add the stabilizer (in the basket, the Toyota, maybe
the apt) and follow directions

3.) the hood release is in the same place as the Toyota's
but well under the dash: pull towards you: reconnect battery
terminal (the tinfoil keeps the post from corroding and
ensures a better connection -- there is an aluminum
batterypost-cleaner-brush in the red basket if need be):
push down and give it a twist to make a good connection:
this is important as you probably will only get one or two
tries at restarting

4.) turn the ignition key a couple of clicks to the right
(but not all the way as if starting): the indicator lights
should be lit: now press and hold the wired jerry-rigged
button/switch in and simultaneously give a little gas until
she starts

5.) accelerate decisively from reverse: you may hear/feel a
*clunk* but continue on back: again accelerate decisively
forward in order to avoid stalling in the middle of the
parking lot with much reduced chance of restarting ;)

6.) be sure to run the engine (3000 rpm) for at least 15
minutes to recharge the battery: then disconnect the battery

7.) if this fails, disconnect try waiting a day or so and
repeat (this usually works)


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