[NetBehaviour] ello ello, what av we here then, an exclusive club for the digerati ?

ahanon aha at aharonic.net
Thu Oct 2 08:21:12 CEST 2014

> Maybe it's the grass is greener thing but I feel like there must be lots
> going on over there (i.e. in fb) but on purpose I've cut myself off from
> it.
> I'm happy about doing that - cutting myself off on principles - because
> it's obvious that fb are NSA snoopers - but feel I've excluded myself from
> lots of great things.
> I hope it's just an illusion, but so many events etc are publicised
> through
> fb and I can't join in now. It's like I don't exist - a bit.
> It's like there's a disco going on (this shows my age!) and everyone's in
> there having a great time, and I'm standing outside alone with a bottle of
> shandy.

There is a party we are being excluded from. From time to time, people
seem to come out of it for a bit of fresh air and suggest for "outsiders"
to be "reasonable" and join in..

Hi Dave and all,

Yes, in my experience as well - both re fb and twitter - if stuff you do
is not mentioned there, some people treat it as if stuff was not done.

A bit like the days of very limited numbers of media channels, when people
behaved strangely if you didn't watch a certain tv show.. (perhaps tv is
the wrong analogy though because I know some people use fb as an
address-book for people one  might fancy keeping in touch with but - can
not meet regularly with.. eg people bumped into while travelling, etc.. A
sort of judicious and very selective fb usage. Within capitalism, it
seems, such a usage is still a contribution for the speculative numerical
value, hence, i think, fb is not fighting such a behaviour..{??})

However, going back to mass social media exclusion, it seems like focusing
on other media within the digital networked frequencies, makes these
usages more ubiquitous. eg, the silence is from social-digital media -
rather than digital as a whole. eg times to collide with bus-stop,
biological chemical, illogical, media frequencies, etc - makes Digital a
sort of "norm"... (..not entirely sure the articulation here is very



> dave
> On 30 September 2014 22:14, ahanon <aha at aharonic.net> wrote:
>> >
>> > Feeling isolated is kind of weird when, without Facebook, et al. you
>> > have already more information resources and social contacts than
>> anyone
>> > in the history of the planet.
>> >
>> > -Joel
>> Hi,
>> Not sure Exactly what Dave means by isolated.
>> What did you mean?
>> In my personal experience, fb linked isolation is to do with activities
>> that people might restrict to fb only. The - "if you want to join us,
>> you
>> have to be on fb" kind of attitude, can link to a certain isolation...
>> (..sometimes its a realisation After an activity has began..)
>> Indeed, some people share related information on fb only, and when asked
>> to place the data in the open net, the response is "come to fb".. (..in
>> my
>> case anyway, but maybe i am not very persuasive..)
>> Perhaps also when people think that if they publicise an event - say an
>> opening/etc. - on fb, then the information is indeed, err, published..
>> Is
>> this a bit like people considering google to be the web?
>> Cheers!
>> aharonon
>> xx
>> >
>> >
>> > On 9/30/2014 12:59 PM, dave miller wrote:
>> >>
>> >> I left facebook about a year ago and don't miss it, though I feel
>> >> isolated. Many things seem to require fb and I dont see them or get
>> to
>> >> hear about things. I'm going to look at the fb alternatives mentioned
>> >> here.
>> >> Dave
>> >>
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