[NetBehaviour] V&A Digital Futures @The White Building - #1 MONEY NO OBJECT

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V&A Digital Futures @The White Building - #1 MONEY NO OBJECT with Heidi 

7 October at 14:00

V&A Digital Futures is a monthly meetup and open platform for the 
display and discussion of work by students, researchers and creative 
practitioners working with digital media, interactive art, digital 
design, science and more. The programme offers participants 
opportunities to show and discuss work, but also a platform to network 
and nurture discussion and future collaborations.

This session marks the conclusion of Heidi Hinder’s practice-based 
research project at the V&A, Money No Object, supported by Creativeworks 
London and UnLtd, and it is exploring the impact of technology on future 
currency and transactions as well as questions relating to how value may 
be manifested in years to come. The session will include talks and a 



Participants and schedule

2-6pm show&tell:


Heidi Hinder - http://www.moneynoobject.co.uk/

Byron Peters - http://byronpeters.com/

Jennifer Lyn Morone - http://jenniferlynmorone.com/

Patrick Stevenson-Keating - http://www.studiopsk.com/

Austin Houldsworth - http://www.austinhouldsworth.co.uk/

4-6pm panel discussion:

Chaired by Ruth Catlow, artist, Furtherfield co-founder and artistic 
director, Play Your Place co-creator - http://furtherfield.org/, 
http://furtherfield.org/gallery, www.playyourplace.co.uk


Brett Scott, economic systems explorer, writer, Finance Innovation Lab 
Fellow - http://suitpossum.blogspot.co.uk/

Nicky Marsh, University of Southampton, author of Money, Finance, and 
Speculation in Recent British Fiction, co-curator Show Me The Money: The 
Image of Finance 1700 to the present - http://www.imageoffinance.com/

Rob Myers, artist, writer and hacker - http://robmyers.org/

Heidi Hinder, artist-maker and researcher - http://www.moneynoobject.co.uk/

Please note from October 2014 Digital Futures will be taking place at 
The White Building.

The White Building, run by SPACE, is an incubator for discursive and 
innovative thought, it serves as a testing ground and creative lab for 
artists and creatives whose work engages with technology.


Image caption: 'Tap & Pay' by Heidi Hinder
Have questions about V&A Digital Futures: Money No Object? Contact Irini 
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