[NetBehaviour] Viola, Stockhausen, Infinite Space

Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Fri Oct 3 17:41:41 CEST 2014

Hi Alan, 
am listening to it a second time, thanks for sharing, unusual performance/concert in a Cave (what were the visuals?), and
you played the viola like a cello? when you say you imagine bow-coupled-to-the viola, what would that be? is the playing of
bow on strings not already coupling? the sound on my headphone seems to differ (right clean, left channel compounded by
a room hum or would that be the vibration meter? - what does that do for you during the playing? and
lastly (great photo, you would be so good as a musician with Noh and Kabuki, I already see you there, seated on the left side
of the stage; now, what has all this to do with channeling Stockhausen? which day? Samstag aus Licht? Freitag?). 
warm regards

Viola, Stockhausen, Infinite Space


The viola was coupled to the floor, fed through a standard
instrument mic and vibration meter; the latter's track was
amplified; my movements were coupled to the three-dimensional
tunneling surrounding me in the Cave. Thanks to Kathleen
Ottinger for stunning visuals, Azure Carter for videography,
and the Brown University Cave. I channeled Stockhausen, I
channeled cries and whispers, everything through the viola in
this one take. The sound, the music, is something I haven't
heard before; I've taken the right track, which was stunning
and I dreamed of the bow coupled to the viola, replete with
cries and whispers. We worked for hours, produced new video,
audio, and stills; we used radio, Alpine zither, and viola;
we recorded everything, even the secret transmissions of the
equipment itself.

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