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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Oct 10 17:52:39 CEST 2014

Available now for pre-order -

Cutting Board - New ESP-Disk CD Release! PLEASE SHARE!

We have a new release, already available for pre-Order!
Cutting Board contains 13 pieces, including three solos
and ten tracks with saxophone by Chris Diasparra and/or
Ed Schneider. I'm really happy with this - the music is
intense, often raw, amazing energy, and really in its
very own space. Please consider ordering and supporting
this music; please share this announcement!


ESP 5004

Artist/Title: Alan Sondheim with Christopher Diasparra & Edward
Schneider: Cutting Board
Catalog #: ESP5004 UPC: 825481500425
Release date: October 29, 2014 advailable for pre-order now!
Genre: "Experimental"
List Price: $12.99
Contact: steve at espdisk.com

Track Listing:
1. Xenon 5:38
2. Argon 7:35
3. Neon 3:18
4. Krypton 2:21
5. Helium 6:44
6. Carbon 5:15
7. Silicon 5:37
8. Oxygen 5:36
9. Nitrogen 4:18
10. Germanium 4:16
11. Platinum 5:02
12. Iridium 9:53
13. Cobalt 4:18
Total 1:09:51

The release party for this album will take place on November 12
at JACK (www.jackny.org), 505 12 Waverly Ave. between Fulton and
Atlantic in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. C or G train to


Alan Sondheim, ghichak, cura, chromatic harmonica, Chinese mouth
harp, saz, tro so, electric saz, sarangi, sung lisu, ukulele,
qin, electric guitar, flute

Christopher Diasparra, tenor and baritone saxophones;
Edward Schneider, alto saxophone

Bio: Alan Sondheim (www.alansondheim.org) was born in
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania; he lives with his partner, Azure
Carter in Providence, RI. He holds a B.A. and M.A. from Brown
University. A new-media artist, writer, and theorist, he has
exhibited, performed and lectured widely. His band Ritual All
70, whose debut The Songs (Riverboat, 1967) was reissued by the
Fire Museum label, was included on the notorious Nurse with
Wound list of outsider/avant-garde influences.

Overview (excerpted from the liner notes):

Sondheim is the first artist from ESP-Disk's 1964-75 heyday to
return, since it was revived in 2005, to issue an album of new
material on the fabled label. Sondheim joined the roster with a
1967 session, Ritual-All-7-70, then followed up with 1968's
T'Other Little Tune. Sondheim got his musical start as a
guitarist, but soon moved into a much more original sound
utilizing a vast array of instruments from around the world.
Cutting Board, his eighth album, is his first instrumental group
album; his other albums have always either been solo (and there
are two solo tracks on Cutting Board as well) or featured female
vocalists. Though he's a pure improviser, Sondheim rightly
insists that he doesn't play jazz; even playing with two
saxophonists, he's outside that tradition's spectrum. The
eclecticism of the sounds he's working with sonically can
tenuously seem to connect him to world music, but he doesn't
play the instruments in traditional ways. And on rare occasions
you can hear the blues lurking, but it's not likely that Living
Blues will be putting him on the cover. Maybe if somebody starts
a music magazine (or website) called Beyond Category, then
Sondheim can be a cover subject.

Press Quotes:

Of Ritual-All-7-70: "...if there is a concept here, its
extremely simple: you never heard such sounds in your life."
Clifford Allen, Bagatellen

Of Avatar Woman: "...be prepared to listen to universes growing
and collapsing within their sound worlds."

Please consider ordering Avatar Woman as well, from Public
Eyesore records (also produced 2014) with Azure Carter! Please
see http://www.publiceyesore.com/catalog.php?pg=3&pit=123

Thank you!

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