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*Solo exhibition*
21 October – 7 November 2014,
Aksioma Project Space <http://www.aksioma.org/>, Ljubljana
*Tuesday, 21 October at 20h / opening and presentation.*

Production: CONA <http://www.cona.si>  institute for contemporary art
Coproduction: Aksioma - Institute for Contemporary Art
Residency partner: JSKD and French Institute

The works presented in the exhibition *Mie Lahkoo Pomagate? (can you help
me?)* investigate different attitudes toward language and problematize how
its expressiveness is structured when placed in a new environment.

The created pieces have an open structure and can be understood as a sort
of “hacking”, through which another sphere of what is called net art is
opened. This other zone is no longer caught in the virtual world, it does
not examine its imprints on reality, but cuts through the space of
in-betweenness, the real / the virtual, past / present. It calls for a
responsible, watchful, and careful entering, reading, acting, reacting,
even when we are becoming a witness of a past event, when we are
interpreting offered materials, combining, connecting, and understanding
them.* What language does it speak?*

Some thoughts on the preparation of this exhibition here
(#boris groys #miltos manetas #jill magid)


>From October 23 to November 30 I will have three pieces (Huis Clos / No
Exit, The Big Kiss et Angry Women) in a show in the Stadtgalerie
<http://%20http://www.stadtgalerie-mannheim.de/>of Manheim. Curator
Benedikt Stegmayer.


November 8 and 9 I will be in London. Performance *Keeping in touch (with
an unknown other*), Networked Bodies, Watermans
London. Curation Maria Chatzichristodoulou (aka Maria X) and Irini

Hope to see some of you at one of these occasions


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