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Hi Helen,

Looks interesting --- will try and make this.

wishing you well.

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> *Hi NetBehaviourists! *
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> *We would like to invite you to Mel Chen's public talk, this_ Friday, 
> 17th October 4pm_ at Goldsmiths, University of London.*
> *Hope you can make it!  Please share widely!*
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> *best*
> *Helen*
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> *A special late addition to the Sensing Practices seminar series:*
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> *Cognitive Fluctuation, Distributed Sensing, and the Marking of Illness*
> *Mel Chen in the Citizen Sense "Sensing Practices" seminar series*
> *Co-hosted with the Unit of Play*
> 17 October 2014
> 16.00 to 18.00
> Location 256 Richard Hoggart Building, Goldsmiths, University of London
> *Abstract*
> In this talk Chen considers a number of intersecting phenomena: the 
> often feminized exceptionality of "brain fog" and other cognitive 
> departures from expected temporalities, overlapping with more 
> temporally durative (or unexcusable by other means) "chronic illness"; 
> the narration of biochemical transactions in relation to bodies at 
> various scales; and the affectively rich play in geopolitical 
> adjudications between "toxicity" and "intoxication." Underneath all of 
> these considerations lies a series of investments that could be 
> understood as racially "tuned," an expression of Chen's interest in 
> the hidden intersections of race and disability.
> *Bio*
> Mel Y. Chen is Associate Professor of Gender & Women's Studies at the 
> University of California, Berkeley and the Director of Berkeley's 
> Center for the Study of Sexual Culture. Chen's /Animacies: 
> Biopolitics, Racial Mattering, and Queer Affect/(Duke University 
> Press, 2012, Alan Bray Memorial Award), explores questions of 
> racialization, queering, disability, and affective economies in 
> animate and inanimate "life" and "nonlife." Further writing appears in 
> /Women's Studies Quarterly, Discourse, Women in Performance, 
> Australian Feminist Studies, Amerasia, /and the /Journal of Literary 
> and Cultural Disability Studie/s. Along with Jasbir K. Puar, 
> Chen serves as series coeditor for a book series at Duke called 
> "Anima." Chensits on the board of directors for the Society for 
> Disability Studies.
> *Sensing Practices*
> The Citizen Sense research group is hosting a year-long seminar series 
> on "Sensing Practices." The series attends to questions about how 
> sensing and practice emerge, take hold, and form attachments across 
> environmental, material, political and aesthetic concerns. Rather than 
> take "the senses" as a fixed starting point, this seminar series 
> instead considers how sensing-as-practice is differently articulated 
> in relation to technologies of environmental monitoring, data gathered 
> for evidentiary claims, the formation of citizens, and more-than-human 
> entanglements. How might these expanded approaches to sensing 
> practices recast engagements with experience, and reconfigure 
> explorations of practice-based research?
> ------
> Helen Pritchard
> Researcher on European Research Council project, Citizen Sense
> Goldsmiths,  University of London
> New Cross
> London SE14 6NW
> United Kingdom
> www.citizensense.net <http://www.citizensense.net/>
> @citizen_sense
> @helen_pritchard
> helen at citizensense.net <mailto:helen at citizensense.net>
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