[NetBehaviour] Cascade of Intervals

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Oct 17 03:36:45 CEST 2014

Cascade of Intervals

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Peirce's continuum, spread-out, multi-dimensional,
everywhere intervals, tessellations, cellular automata,
nothing calculated, striations, shift-riding media

Intervals as subsets or transgressions of intervals,
intervals as porous or dynamic; whatever is constructed
is always already under erasure, literally forgotten,
compressed; Adorno's aphorism is the kingdom of the
spew and the forgotten; the turn of the aphorism is the
content of the future.

It's impossible to hold back, think, in a fast-forward
dis/continuous morphing circuitry that is not delirious
or where delirium corrodes dis/continuously.

Wittgenstein's TLP was characterized by reduction, yes,
but also dispersion, not-this/not-that; today it
bypasses the narrativity of PI, and that's important in
terms of a phenomenology of dissipation and limited

The painful move is the recognition that history too
has limited resources, that historiography as well is
a study of dissipation, that blankness characterizes
this dissipation, that history is the locus of reading,
not writing.

Cascade is always in flux, garbage, and irruption, none
of the conceptualism of category theory, more of the
massiness of big data in feed-forward mode.

Unruly cascade always breaks off, seeks like-minded
lower levels, gathers dust it's kicked up in cycles of
conquest, corral, release, losing it.

Can one think of the universe in this fashion? Does the
cascade seal off, expand, fissure, divide? Are the
divisions similar? Is fissure self-similar? Are the
divisions entities? Are entities defined by symmetries
and potential wells? Are potential wells entities? What
are the commonalities of potential wells? Are they
referents? Are they tethered cascades? What are
entities? Are entities under erasure? Are protons? Are
cascades built on a foundation of rubble? Is rubble
cascade? Granularities?

Are there ways to think of this or through this, ways
to short-circuit the deluge of metaphors? Are metaphors
useful as parallels or inherently violent? Are cascades

I think of the collocation, cascade

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