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Dear colleagues,

****The Call for Papers for the ART MATTERS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 2014 (
http://artmattersconference.com/) will close next Friday, 31st October****

ART MATTERS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 2014 will take place in Barcelona on
December 11­-12, 2014. It is hosted by the University of Barcelona, the
Open University of Catalonia and Hangar, Centre for art research and

**Verisión en español and versió en català here:


The materials and technologies of the contemporary art invite us to
reconsider, not only the role that these play in the articulation of
artistic practices, but also the theoretical frameworks that demonstrate
the role of the materiality itself inside the Art History. These premises
involve new methodological challenges and important epistemological
transformations in the examination of art; challenges that must be
analysed, discussed and contrasted with the long and fertile tradition of
art studies. Fundamental problems such as the distribution of the agencies
involved in the investigation and the artistic practice, the lines of
temporal causality, the interconnection between materialities and
discoursivities, the role of the technology and the society, the spatiality
and location of the art, gain relevance from the suggested challenges.

Art Matters International Conference 2014 hopes to give space for those
researches that, coming from the academy and the professional practice,
rebuild the relation between art and its materiality: contributions focused
on theoretical, methodological and epistemological reconsiderations and,
specially, empirical studies centered on art routines and infrastructures.

Perspectives such as Media Archaeology, the Actor-Network Theory or the New
Materialisms contribute decisively to the possibility of blurring or even
erasing preconceived ontological distinctions –inoperative today-, and
traditionally supported by the framework of our modernity. We are alluding
to established dichotomies such as subject/object, matter/discourse,
theory/practice, social/technological, expert/non-expert that lay out
important onto-epistemic challenges to overcome. The interest of the
congress is precisely to connect these new perspectives with the tradition
of history, theory and art practice, starting always from both the
reflection and the experience with the routines, the infrastructures and
the art fields.


(A) Researches about art infrastructures: museums, art galleries, centers
of production and investigation, archives, exhibition and distribution
displays, art market dynamics.

(B) Investigations about objects and artistic practices: new materials,
technologies inside the art field, production processes, distribution,
conservation and preservation of the art and the media, etc.

(C) Other art histories and narratives: “minor” or divergent histories, non
linear narratives, emergency of novelties, relational temporality and
spatiality, forgotten geographical areas, etc.

(D) Onto-epistemic and methodological art frameworks: human and non-human
agency, relations between practice and theory, experts and non-experts,
trans/inter/meta/non-disciplinarity, etc.


Those people interested in participating are invited to send, before 31st
of October, 2014 (included) a communication proposal to
artmattersconference at gmail.com for its following evaluation.


***Communication proposal***
Format .doc, .docx, .rtf, .odt
Languages: English, Spanish and Catalan
Communication title
Communication abstract (300 words maximum)
Between 3 and 5 keywords.

***Information about the author/authors***
Format .doc, .docx, .rtf, .odt
Languages: English, Spanish and Catalan
Name and surname
Institutional affiliation (in case of having it)
Email address
Brief curriculum (100 words maximum)
Information and contact person (only if the communication is presented by
more than one author)
Communication title

Notification of the communication acceptance will be published on 10th
November, 2014.

Each paper will have 15 minutes, plus a question and answer time.



Some of the papers presented at ART MATTERS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 2014
will be published in a special issue of Artnodes - Journal of Art Science
and Technology (http://journals.uoc.edu/index.php/artnodes/). These papers
will follow the author guidelines, submission procedure and peer-review
process of the journal.


FURTHER INFORMATION: http://artmattersconference.com/

You can also send an e­mail to: artmattersconference at gmail.com


Help us disseminate! Feel free to send this email to anyone you think might
be interested.

Best wishes,
Lara F. Portolés Argüelles
(on behalf of the Organizing Committee)


*Lara F. Portolés Argüelles*Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) - UOC
Barcelona Growth Center (Roc Boronat, 117 C.P.08018 Barcelona)
* (+34) 934505420 <%28%2B34%29%20934505420> / lportolesa at uoc.edu
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