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> hi roger,


I think the focus in the question is with sound/music. I seem to be a bit
stuck on the question of "realities".. The sense of reality might be
different - or cross - with the being real of a given reality..

Am trying to get a way of imagining stuff like a basketball team playing
basketball against, for example, a person minecrafting.. Even the same
basketball team Vs a football team, might be a way of crossing.. Perhaps
even realities..

Its interesting though from sound perspective because when realities are
materialities, then sound - by being via vibrations/crossings - might be
said to be an embodies cross realities?

(again, that might depends upon where - or rather when and how - the real
is..? eg, an event? a sensation? a materiality? an imagination? a desire
type? a black-hole? etc..)

Have a fab fun week!


> you are probably already aware of it, but http://www.bodydataspace.net/
> might be one place to look.
> there are quite a lot of people doing stuff with wii sensors & that sort
> of thing, but i don't have any links off the tip of my fingers. there
> are also dancers working with this sort of thing - carol brown did
> something called "spawn" that if i remember correctly was using motion
> sensors & virtual worlds (http://www.carolbrowndances.com/ - not sure if
> there is anything about it there, it was some years ago).
> & of course alan sondheim's work with dancers & motion sensors & avatars
> in second life.
> h : )
> On 31/08/14 2:30 AM, Roger Mills wrote:
>> Thanks for you response and links Aharon, I will have a look at these.
>> Cross-reality, sometimes seen as x-reality is a fusion of 3D immersive
>> environments typically seen in gaming, and networked virtual
>> environments such as Second Life augmented by sensor/actuators that
>> bring data from the real-world into a networked virtual environment in
>> some way. A kind of augmented virtual reality i guess.
>> Here are some MIT articles
>>  http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/articleDetails.jsp?arnumber=5165555 in
>> IEEE Pervasive computing going back to 2009 that outline the way that
>> I am using the term, although they are primarily talking about
>> technological projects as opposed to creative or performative
>> interaction within them, which is my interest.
>> Many of the descriptions you provide suggest elements of these in
>> various ways, although for what I am researching I am primarily
>> interested in this mix of bringing data generated by dispersed light,
>> temperature, humidity and movement sensors into networked virtual
>> environments. Data from dispersed locations might be used to trigger
>> as light, colour or sound ect..or guide musicians through a virtual
>> environment.
>> Stellarc has touched on some of this with distributed movement sensors
>> moving him in a located space..
>> I am looking at this from a networked music perspective and the ways
>> in which data from these elements might contribute to
>> increased awareness of presence and perception in tele-musical
>> interaction based on a recent collaboration i was involved
>> in http://eartrumpet.org/projects.html#Seeschwalbe
>> Thanks
>> Roger
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