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Joel Weishaus joelweishaus at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 17:14:01 CEST 2014

The invasion of art by a corporation is not new, if we think of the 
Catholic Church during the Renaissance.
But it is very dangerous, especially with a nascent art. The danger is 
that it will be poisoned it at its roots.
And with an art that draws its tools from the business world, the alarm 
should always be ringing.

Corporations hold out the lure of quick fame, which particularly draws 
in young artists whose fledgling egos want instant fame. (I remember!)
There are already gifted people from the 1990s and early 21st C. who 
have disappeared. As it should be!
So perhaps what creativity has always been about--uncertainty, "jumping 
from failure to failure"--- will in the long run drive corporations, who 
can't tolerate uncertainty, much less failure, away.
Meanwhile, needless to say it's important to keep exposing and 
critiquing their machinations.


On 9/4/2014 7:43 AM, { brad brace } wrote:
> If your received idea of "Art" is just an "empty wrapper"
> then surely applicable "aesthetic issues" and the
> institutions that foster them are equally vapid/dead. I
> agree that these art-institutional ponzi schemes cause a lot
> of grief for those who have subscribed too late.
> Fortunately, contemporary creative energies are now not so
> narrowly restricted/defined. Perhaps this and similar arts
> lists are the last place to seek consolidation but rather,
> merely to expose the graft/complicity and to point to
> vibrant propensities elsewhere.
> /:b
> On Thu, 4 Sep 2014, hello | florian kuhlmann wrote:
>> you may do whatever you want.
>> but plz keep in mind.  art is just a bourgois fantasy (to
>> make nice guys with freaky ideas dizzy and horny). but
>> since we live in a post democratic world, where the
>> bourgois doesnt play any role, the concept of art is just
>> an empty wrapper. its a shiny, glimpsy jewel, full of
>> promises which will never be kept to anyone.
>> most people - especially the guys&grrlz who want to be
>> artists so badly - are not willing to accept this.  they
>> still believe in a concept like your 'great unknown
>> artists under the evil and dump artworldradar' and! are
>> willing to sell cheeseburger at mc condalds for nothing at
>> the same time, to keep the bourgois dream alive. and while
>> these 99% get nothing accept beautifull depressions, very
>> few are getting all the value of the label called 'art'.
>> if this your way, i am fine. but dont bother us with
>> concepts of aesthetic issues which are just dead in our
>> times.
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