[NetBehaviour] Pencil-Line-Eraser: An Interesting and Worthwhile Exhibition at Carroll/Fletcher, London

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Pencil-Line-Eraser: An Interesting and Worthwhile Exhibition at 
Carroll/Fletcher, London.

Michael Szpakowski reviews Pencil-Line-Eraser, the 'expanded' drawing 
exhibition at Carroll/Fletcher in London and finds a great deal to 
commend in it, though it also raises some knotty problems too...


“Pencil / Line / Eraser, the current exhibition at Carroll/Fletcher, 
spanning both the main Eastcastle Street gallery and their nearby Riding 
House Street project space, is well worth a visit. It’s never less than 
engaging and there are several pieces that lodge, linger and ferment in 
the mind long after the bus or train ride home.

They describe the show as “surveying recent works in expanded drawing 
which use paper and line as a point of departure” and, let me say again, 
whatever I have to say that is critical you won’t waste your time there. 
Far from it.

This review will be in two parts – first, & with an innocent(ish) eye, 
I’ll sing the praises of the work that itself sang to me during my visit 
and then I’ll vent about the things that irritated me, more a question 
of contextualisation and commentary than of the work itself, although in 
today’s text ridden and intention trumpeting art world it’s sometimes a 
little difficult to unpick one from the other. Since the artists cannot 
completely escape responsibility this has consequence for any assessment 
of some of the work.” Szpakowski


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