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Irini Papadimitriou irini at watermans.org.uk
Tue Sep 9 14:28:02 CEST 2014

Dear all

I am very pleased to share with everyone the programme for this year’s
Digital Design Weekend at the V&A. This year we are inviting participants
and audiences to explore digital value, cultural value and 'making' value. I
hope you can join us in a weekend of collaborating, networking, sharing
ideas, expertise and practice.


All the best


Digital Programmes Manager

Department of Learning


South Kensington

London SW7 2RL

T: 020 7942 2258

*V&A Digital Design Weekend*

*Saturday 20 – Sunday 21 September*


Free, drop-in, no booking required

Take part in a weekend of free events and collaborative making activities
exploring physicality and digital value, coinciding with the London Design
Festival at the V&A.

*Event page and full programme: *




*Participants and projects*

*Paolo Cirio, (W)orld Currency: t*his artwork illustrates a global currency
through the creative formulation of an equation and a trading algorithm for
the currency exchange market.

*James Bridle, A Quiet Disposition: Remembrancer: *an evolving database of
news reports about unmanned aerial vehicles. The Remembrancer, named after
the City of London Officer charged with reporting to Parliament, is a daily
newspaper generated from the AQD database by movements in the London Stock
Exchange, connecting and implicating other datasets by its operation.
by the Open Data Institute as part of Data as Culture.*
*Fabio Lattanzi Antinori supported* *by Bare Conductive, **Data
Flags*: generative
data driven sound installation where large scale screen-printed reactive
surfaces explore the invisible patterns of financial algorithmic trading.

*Heidi Hinder, Money No Object: *explores a new significance for material
and physical currencies in an increasingly immaterial digital world, where
smart payment transactions are imperceptible, but human emotions,
creativity and culture, retain value that money can’t buy.

*Open Collaborative Making: A Digital Perspective *​publication distributed
for free at Open Collaborative Making.

Edited by Jon Rogers, Irini Papadimitriou and Andrew Prescott. Design by
uniform.net. Funded by Arts& Humanities Research Council.

*Flora Bowden & Dan Lockton, Drawing Energy&  Powerchord: *exploring our
relationships with energy in everyday life, through visualisation
and sonification.

*Dean Brown (Fabrica), THE 7 LAMPS OF MAKING: *Does the future of making
have philosophical roots in 19th century Arts & Crafts Theory?

*The Restart Project: b*uilding tools to measure the environmental impact
of our community repair events called Restart Parties. Help us conceive of
ways of showing the amount of waste we divert as we help you fix your
laptop, mobile or kettle.

*Daniel Ploeger, Janet Chan and Jelili Atiku, Back to Sender (2014) &
Digital Performance and the Politics of Electronic Waste: *trategies in
performance and digital art to engage with the political, sociological and
ecological issues around electronic waste in countries that export (UK) and
import (Nigeria and China) used technology.

*Knyttan and Common Works: *pioneering the democratisation of
manufacturing, giving people the opportunity to design the things they buy.

*THE UNSEEN, AIR: *the AIR collection, involving wind reactive ink, changes
colour upon contact with the air around us. It is intended to reveal the
unseen turbulence surrounding the human as it goes about its environment.

*Nelly Ben Hayoun, Designer of experiences SETI Institute and guest
scientists, Disaster Playground (A Preview):* future outer space
catastrophes and the design of procedures to manage them and assess the

*Raphael Kim, Biohack the Economy: *Looking at possible roles of technology
and micro-organisms in shaping our socio-economy, narrated through hands-on
biological experimentation and set building.

*Sitraka, Time Conditioning: *a series of 'handicap devices' that speculate
on our ability to manipulate and slow down our perception of time.
 *Open Collaborative Making: *open lab with projects exploring data in
meaningful ways. Projects/participants include: Weather data &
Choreography with The Met Office, readysaltedcode & guests, Microsoft
Research, BBC R&D Playlister Fob & Perceptive Radio, Jon Rogers/University
of Dundee, Aurora Wearables internet-connected spacesuit with Jon
Spooner/Unlimited Theatre & Exeter College, Uniform physical weather apps,
REACT prototypes, AHRC Digital Transformations showcase, Penguin Random
House YourFry: a meeting of text and technology, Remixing weather forecasts
by Natasha Trotman, James Parr and many more.

*Tine Bech, Can a statue be playable? *new digital materials used with
traditional aesthetics of visual art to create sculptural interactivity.

*Kouichi Okamoto, Magnetic Field Record: *suspended device recording and
visualising earth’s magnetic and gravitational forces into drawings.

*Yulia Silina, The Distant Heart: *computational necklace, developed as a
part of the research into the emotional void created when loved ones move
away from each other.

*Francesca Perona & Anouk Sylvestre, Outlines of Inexistence:*  exploring
ways of transforming visual perception through material interactions and
graphic design.

*The T/Shirt Issue, Open Body Database: *An interactive installation that
questions how far our idiosyncratic tendencies to increasingly expose
ourselves in the digital realm go.

*Makerversity and Maklab*

*Karen Palmer / IF Interactive Film, Syncself: *NeuroGaming Technology &
film create a vicarious interactive experience, to portray the philosophy
of Parkour.

*Codasign, Create Your Own Disobedient Object: *Using everyday materials,
computers and MaKey MaKeys explore how technology and hands-on making can
enable us to communicate important ideas through objects.

*Marguerite Humeau & Ka Fai Choy, The Things? – A Trip to Europa. Proposal
for Serenading Outer Space Creatures with Stunts, Vibrations, Light,
Chemistry, Heat and Live Magic: *fictional trip to Europa, performed as an
expedition to Antarctica and conversation with otherworldly creatures,
rumoured to live under the ice cap of Antarctica and thought to be the
exact replicas of hypothetical life forms.

*This Happened: *panel discussion bringing attention to data and privacy
issues today.
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