[NetBehaviour] The Net Work Compendium

Gretta Louw gretta.elise.louw at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 13:17:26 CEST 2014

I would love to invite all the artist members of the netbehaviour group who
are working with networks and performance (loosely interpreted) in their
practice to consider submitting to my new project, The Net Work Compendium.

The first exhibition of the work will be in Munich, Germany in November and
December and the aim is to keep evolving, expanding, and exhibiting the
work at festivals, galleries and museums. The idea is to create a sort of
artistic encyclopedia of networked performance practices, with a view to
expanding the audience for this extremely significant medium.

All the details are in the pdf here:

And I am happy to field any comments or queries, or even happier to receive
your submissions.

All the best,

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> Today's Topics:
>    1. guqin poesis, music (Alan Sondheim)
>    2. */and madness/* (Alan Sondheim)
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> Message: 1
> Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2014 18:12:56 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Alan Sondheim <sondheim at panix.com>
> To: netbehaviour at netbehaviour.org
> Subject: [NetBehaviour] guqin poesis, music
> Message-ID: <alpine.NEB.2.00.1409101812480.21987 at panix3.panix.com>
> Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII; format=flowed
> guqin poesis, music
> http://www.alansondheim.org/narra35.jpg
> back heavens thought, heavens heavens thought, heavens
> thought, heavens will heavens  heavens   will
>   will   will  will will
>   and   will will
>   and and loving will and  loving will
> will  the    loving the and  the
> difficulty the loving and the loving difficulty loving loving
> and and and difficulty and the loving and and and and and and
> and and the and difficulty and the difficulty difficulty the
> difficulty loving and difficulty and and loving complexity
> difficulty loving the and loving complexity complexity and
> complexity the and complexity complexity complexity of
> difficulty the of complexity complexity of the of of the
> difficulty difficulty and complexity difficulty complexity and
> complexity complexity complexity complexity complexity
> instuments. the complexity complexity and instuments. complexity
> complexity instuments. instuments. instuments. instuments. of
> complexity complexity of instuments. complexity of of complexity
> of We're instuments. of the of of of of of of We're We're ous
> the We're We're ous the We're We're the We're the of the ous ous
> the ous We're the the the the ous ous ous ous the ous out ous
> ous out instuments. the out ous ous out pa out out pa
> instuments. instuments. We're ous instuments. out pa ous out out
> ous out pi pa pi ous We're pi out out pi put pi pi pa out ous pa
> put ous out pa out out out put out pi pa out out out qin out qin
> qin qin pi qin put out pi put put pi put pa out pa qin qin pa
> qin put pa pi pa pa red qin qin red pi qin s red qin s s pi s
> red pi s say s put say put put qin red put red say red red red
> red se se say se red qin se red red se se se se s red red s se
> red s s red s s se s say se s s s sea s sea sea see say sea sea
> s say sea sea say say say s say see see say see sea say say say
> say see see see see say see shu see see shu shu say shu se say
> se sky see se sky se se sea see se shu sky see shu sea see so so
> sky so see sea so shu shu so hundred so see sky see see sky
> hundred see shu sky shu shu shu hundred shu prefectures hundred
> prefectures sky sky prefectures sky prefectures prefectures
> prefectures so prefectures hundred sky so hundred prefectures so
> sky sky sky sky prefectures prefectures sky prefectures hundred
> sky so sky prefectures qin prefectures prefectures qin so
> prefectures merged qin prefectures merged merged so merged
> hundred so hundred qin qin hundred e hundred hundred prefectures
> qin hundred qin e qin qin prefectures qin enlarged enlarged e
> enlarged qin prefectures enlarged qin qin enlarged enlarged
> enlarged qin merged qin qin merged enlarged qin merged merged
> qin merged merged enlarged ancestral ancestral enlarged
> ancestral e merged ancestral merged merged ancestral exalted e
> ancestral ancestral merged e ancestral exalted e e e merged e
> exalted exalted e exalted ancestral e e e exalted exalted
> exalted exalted exalted exalted exalted tai exalted exalted tai
> tai e enlarged enlarged e enlarged exalted exalted enlarged
> meditation tai enlarged ancestral exalted enlarged tai
> meditation exalted tai ancestral exalted Q-tricks: Q-tricks:
> meditation Q-tricks: exalted ancestral Q-tricks: tai tai exalted
> qay, Q-tricks: exalted tai exalted exalted tai tai exalted tai
> tai tai tai tai qay, quay, quay, qay, quay, Q-tricks: tai quay,
> meditation tai quay, quay, Q-tricks: Q-tricks: qay, meditation
> Q-tricks: meditation quay, Q-tricks: meditation qay, meditation
> meditation quern, quay, meditation quay, qay, quern, Q-tricks:
> meditation quern, quern, quern, quern, quern, quay, quern, qat,
> quern, quay, qat, qat, Q-tricks: qay, qay, Q-tricks: qay, quern,
> quern, qay, qats, qat, qay, quay, qay, quern, quern, qats,
> quern, qin quay, quern, qin quern, qats, qin quern, quay, quern,
> quern, quern, quern, qin qin quern, qat, quern, quern, qat,
> quern, quern, qat, qat, quern, qat, qat, qin and and qin and
> qats, qat, and qat, qat, and qins, and qats, and qat, qats,
> qats, qins, qats, qats, and qat, qats, qins, qins, qins, qins,
> and qins, qats, qats, qins, qins, qins, qins, qins, qins, qins,
> qua, qats, qins, qin qua, qats, qin qin qats, qin qua, qins, qin
> quo, qua, qin and qin qua, qua, quo, qua, quair, and qua, quair,
> qua, quo, quair, qins, and qins, qua, qua, qins, 3 quair, qins,
> qua, qins, qins, qua, qua, qua, qua, 3 qua, qin qua, 3 qin qin 3
> qin quair, qua, qin quo, qua, quair, qin qin quair, 3 quo,
> quair, quo, qin quair, quo, 3 quo, quo, quo, qin songs qin 3
> songs quair, quo, songs songs songs songs songs qin qin
> combination quair, qin 3 combination quair, 3 3 quair, 3 songs
> songs 3 laboratory combination songs qin 3 songs songs songs
> songs and qin laboratory and songs laboratory songs and qin
> songs songs songs songs and and songs combination songs songs
> combination songs songs combination and songs shop. combination
> and shop. shop. and shop. laboratory combination laboratory
> combination combination laboratory He shop. laboratory and
> laboratory laboratory laboratory He combination laboratory and
> combination He laboratory He He He and He laboratory laboratory
> He He He He He He He created laboratory He and He laboratory and
> and laboratory and created He created qin created created shop.
> and created created created created with shop. qin with created
> qin He with shop. He He created He wires with He created He
> created created created created created wires created at created
> wires at at wires at with created with qin created with at at
> with wires with with qin at qin qin wires qin cross- qin at
> cross- cross- wires cross- with wires cross- cross- cross- at
> cross- at at cross- with at wires cross- with qin music, music
> of qin, qin music, poesis of qin
> ------------------------------
> Message: 2
> Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2014 19:09:25 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Alan Sondheim <sondheim at panix.com>
> To: netbehaviour at netbehaviour.org
> Subject: [NetBehaviour] */and madness/*
> Message-ID: <alpine.NEB.2.00.1409101909130.13635 at panix3.panix.com>
> Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII; format=flowed
> */and madness/*
> http://www.alansondheim.org/madmadness1.png
> http://www.alansondheim.org/madmadness.mp4
> http://www.alansondheim.org/madmadness2.png
> the Madness mountain. Madness Madness mountain. Madness -
> mountain. Madness The Madness World's Madness - Oratio The - -
> World's - - Oratio The - country World's country anarchy Oratio
> country had, - country madness country country madness anarchy
> anarchy setting had, anarchy in, setting had, in, in, had, in,
> elsewhere, madness in, destruction, setting elsewhere, good in,
> elsewhere, it destruction, elsewhere, wasn't good elsewhere,
> wasn't it destruction, wasn't wasn't good my own it my madness
> wasn't my setting my my setting own own in, madness own that in,
> madness that that madness that it setting that was in, it
> elsewhere, that it the was it destruction elsewhere, was
> destruction the was destruction destruction elsewhere, of the
> the of madness destruction of of of of of the the the madness
> the body::: the madness body::: body::: madness body::: genetic
> of body::: acid the genetic redux; body::: genetic ontology
> genetic genetic and redux; acid and ontology acid so and redux;
> so much ontology so real and so existence:of so so existence:of
> much much madness real much of madness real of of real of the
> existence:of the body::: madness the genetic of the acid the the
> any genetic body::: any acid body::: madness any genetic madness
> whatsoever, acid madness among any madness those madness madness
> those whatsoever, whatsoever, orderly among whatsoever, and
> those among and and among and placid those placid masses orderly
> placid that and placid are placid placid lost that masses lost
> are masses as lost that as as are as bytes lost as are as well;
> are well; well; bedded bytes well; in are bytes in in bytes in
> gone-worlds, are gone-worlds, madness; bedded gone-worlds,
> pretend in gone-worlds, otherwise, gone-worlds, gone-worlds, you
> pretend madness; you otherwise, madness; will you pretend will
> will otherwise, will the otherwise, will dance will see dance
> see see and the see madness dance the madness madness the of of
> dance of the and of Insomniac! madness of Overfeed of of on the
> the on Overfeed the hope on Insomniac! hope hope Overfeed hope
> you'll Overfeed hope sicken on and sicken and and with you'll
> and madness. sicken you'll madness. madness. you'll truth truth
> sicken truth lies with truth in madness. truth madness truth
> truth and lies lies and madness lies depression and in
> depression depression madness depression in madness in
> concussion: and in concussion: in in sometimes a in there
> concussion: a there sometimes a is is concussion: is madness
> sometimes is in there is contusion: is madness what madness
> madness what contusion: madness and what in and and contusion:
> and clipped contusion: clipped monster what clipped monster
> clipped clipped devouring that clipped all monster that all
> devouring that sentient sentient monster sentient beings,
> devouring sentient pure all sentient faith, sentient beings, the
> beings, beings, the faith, beings, violence, the pure violence,
> violence, faith, violence, the faith, the more the the than the
> the one more the Jennifer: than more Jennifer: one more The The
> than The madness one The is Jennifer: The upon The madness us.
> madness madness us. upon madness We us. is We We upon will will
> upon will all us. will be We will dying all will in be all in
> dying all the the be the madness. dying the Jennifer: in the The
> the madness. madness madness. madness. madness Jennifer:
> madness. is madness Jennifer: is is The here. here. The here.
> Yay, madness here. though is here. the Yay, here. madness though
> Yay, madness the Yay, is is though is here, the is ( madness
> here, the is here, madness here, here, madness ( here, of
> madness ( of of the the the the the image madness the ( of the
> the image image madness ( image of the image of madness ( of the
> the of light madness the ( of the madness the the madness light
> the of madness light of of ( the the ( the image madness the (
> of the madness the image of ( image the madness image the of (
> the light madness light madness of light of the light organs.
> light light organs. madness light the organs. madness the the of
> organist organist of organist takes organs. organist care the
> organist of organist takes things. care takes the of takes the
> things. care the organist of organist talking, things. organist
> no the organist madness organist organist madness talking,
> talking, in no talking, the in no the the no the clinging
> madness the world in the atone the clinging being world clinging
> madnessmadnessmadness atone clinging madnessmadnessmadness being
> world madnessmadnessmadness setq atone setq sadness being setq
> madness madnessmadnessmadness setq can setq setq can sadness
> sadness plan madness sadness moanly plan madness moanly moanly
> madness moanly only can moanly lonely plan only sigh moanly only
> alone lonely only atone sigh only atone alone lonely atone atone
> sigh for sore alone for fleeing atone for being for for being
> sore sore madnessmadnessmadness fleeing sore setq
> madnessmadnessmadness fleeing setq setq fleeing setq perverse
> being setq madness madnessmadnessmadness perverse truely setq
> perverse really perverse perverse sigh truely madness sigh
> really madness dismember sigh truely dismember remember really
> dismember more sigh dismember than dismember dismember than
> remember remember can more remember truely can more truely
> truely more truely really than really sigh can really dismember
> truely really remember really really more dismember sigh more
> remember sigh than more dismember than can remember than setq
> more than sore than than sore can can sign setq can madness sore
> setq madness madness setq madness badness sore badness sadness
> sign badness sore madness badness sign badness badness perverse
> sore sadness perverse sign sadness madnessmadnessmadness
> perverse sore madnessmadnessmadness madnessmadnessmadness sign
> madnessmadnessmadness than perverse madnessmadnessmadness can
> madnessmadnessmadness more can more more madnessmadnessmadness
> than more really can than really really than really setq can
> setq crying madnessmadnessmadness setq madness really setq
> reverse setq setq crying madness crying crying reverse crying
> madness crying madness madness madness reverse madness reverse
> reverse madness crying madness perverse crying perverse perverse
> madness reverse perverse perverse crying reverse
> ------------------------------
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