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James Morris james at jwm-art.net
Mon Sep 15 22:30:32 CEST 2014

The HJ8 Total Eclipse Space Chili

"Since the mid 1980′s, China has been sending recoverable satellites
into space on a 5-day orbit around Earth. Each trip, approximately 5000
seeds are sent along and are exposed to the zero gravity and cosmic
radiation, then returned."


How to grow chili peppers

"Are you growing chillies or chilis? Nevermind the different spellings,
there are even more shapes, sizes and colours!"


The Apocalypse Pepper

"I once ate something called the apocalypse pepper. It grows in very
small amounts in the Amazon basin, and the natives who live in the
region have no word for it in their language. They just use their word
for death."


Can you imagine a world without salsa? Or Tabasco sauce, harissa,
sriracha, paprika or chili powder?

"I asked myself that question after I found a 700-year-old recipe for
one of my favorite foods, merguez—North Africa’s beloved lamb sausage
that is positively crimson with chiles."


Hot - Craig Arnold

Spicy Chilli Bread
"My husband ,Nick, loves hot spicy food. He wants chilli with
everything, and this bread is hot, hot, hot!"

(Easy recipe, even for a bread making newb like me. I used a pair of
fresh scotch bonnets in mine, no powder or flakes - jwm)


Jay's Ghost Scorpion x Carolina Reaper Pod Test

Today I'm back in the hot-seat after a bit of a break from testing!
First up is a great looking cross from Jon, Jay's Ghost Scorpion x
Carolina Reaper.



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