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Tue Sep 16 10:12:57 CEST 2014

*Video/Internet Art by Download - CUSSGROUP copies to infinity*

South African Digital Art Collective CUSSGROUP is offering this online 
exhibition titled VP-4 (Video Party - 4) for download for free into 
copies of infinity.

This is for a limited time:
*Date: Wednesday 17 September 2014*
*Time: 17h00 - 19h00 (GMT)
*Url: www.cussgroup.com <http://www.cussgroup.com>*

*Re-appropriation *
Well basically the idea is about ownership of our work, because as of
late CUSS has made a choice for now to not make sellable work and
a way to highlight this concept would be to distribute the original work
with an edition of infinity to anyone who wants to engage with us during
this release. This also ties in with the question of ownership of material
distributed over the internet.

More specifically because the project started
off with us "ripping" the video party 4 artists work off of his youtube
channel. There are of course issues surrounding the legalities of owning
/ downloading / ripping / torrenting someone else's work but with regard
to this specific project there aren't any commercial gains for us and
essentially it is about distribution of the work as a means to reach 

*Dean Blunt *
The featured artist Dean Blunt is a person himself who has created an
identity through concealing his identity in an age where people can find
fame within an instant. He has deliberately controlled how he conducts
interviews with journalists, often resorting to skype chats or sending 
people to do interviews on his behalf after having coached them through
answers. This idea of us "stealing" his work also worked well with certain
concepts he himself incorporates into his identity and online persona.

*More about VP-4*
VP4 is a digital exhibition by the Cuss Group. The exhibition presents a 
which has been developed from the groups Video Party Harare intervention,
which featured work by London based artist Dean Blunt. VP4 includes footage
from Dean Blunts "Felony/Stalker 7" music video together with footage 
shot in

The video will be viewed in a pop up window and will be available as a 
torrent for
download as well. The presentation of the work draws on the aesthetics 
of shady
internet advertising and illegal downloading as a way to bring to the 
fore issues of
re-appropriation around the vp4 project.

*Please feel free publish, forward and distribute this download invitation.*

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