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Tue Sep 16 16:16:12 CEST 2014

Dear Alan and all,

Long time ago Karl Popper wrote:

"For the history of power politics is nothing but the history of
international crime and mass murder (including it is true, some of the
attempts to suppress them). This history is taught in schools, and some of
the greatest criminals are extolled as heroes."

So what to do if you want to establish your own order? One starts
"cleaning" the place up. It is the way history tells. Leave it to the ghost

How to deal with this through art and other forms of expression?
I really don't have a clue. It is like pondering on how to stop the waves
of the sea rolling onto the shore.

To kill, rape, torture must give some energy, a kind of high that is
addictive and probably creates a psychological space where-in one feels
him/herself master of all events in and outside oneself.
Destroy that space is the one thing I can think of, while working on your
But can we? And isn't such practice in the end self-destructive, because it
will eat your soul?


Greetings from the sunny coast of Calabria,


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