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As I wrote before I think the exhibition and discussions initiated by
Catherine David and Jordan Crandall were among the best I read and I am
very happy I participated on them. The Israeli architect Eyal Weizman wrote
an interesting book about violence and evil
"The Least of All Possible Evils: Humanitarian Violence from Arendt to Gaza
by Eyal Weizman
Groundbreaking exploration of the philosophy underpinning Western
humanitarian intervention.
The principle of the “lesser evil”—the acceptability of pursuing one
exceptional course of action in order to prevent a greater injustice—has
long been a cornerstone of Western ethical philosophy. From its roots in
classical ethics and Christian theology, to Hannah Arendt’s exploration of
the work of the Jewish Councils during the Nazi regime, Weizman explores
its development in three key transformations of the problem: the defining
intervention of Médecins Sans Frontières in mid-1980s Ethiopia; the
separation wall in Israel-Palestine; and international and human rights law
in Bosnia, Gaza and Iraq. Drawing on a wealth of new research, Weizman
charts the latest manifestation of this age-old idea. In doing so he shows
how military and political intervention acquired a new “humanitarian”
acceptability and legality in the late twentieth and early twenty-first

He is a very interesting researcher at Goldsmiths college and his "round
table" discussions were very important to develop a kind of fusion between
philosophy, urbanism and militarism.
I wrote a short essay about him and his works "The Politics of
Verticality", about how Jewish settlers and military have taken the Israeli
and the Palestine civil societies as hostages.


Ana and Alan, be careful with your heart, we need your compassion and your
passion! :)

On Tue, Sep 16, 2014 at 12:25 PM, Alan Sondheim <sondheim at panix.com> wrote:

> My soul does feel eaten, I'm serious about this. I have nightmares, heart
> palpitations (going in for a monitor today), etc. But I can't ignore it (I
> can keep my ruminations from the lists on the subject - certainly the
> response by the nettime monitor was incredibly condescending and doesn't do
> me or him or the issue any good)...
> I'd love to see a show just called something like Responses to Violence
> and see what emerges -
> On Tue, 16 Sep 2014, rinus van alebeek wrote:
>  Dear Alan and all,
>> Long time ago Karl Popper wrote:
>> "For the history of power politics is nothing but the history of
>> international crime and mass murder (including it is true, some of the
>> attempts to suppress them). This history is taught in schools, and some of
>> the greatest criminals are extolled as heroes."
>> So what to do if you want to establish your own order? One starts
>> "cleaning"
>> the place up. It is the way history tells. Leave it to the ghost writer.
>> How to deal with this through art and other forms of expression?
>> I really don't have a clue. It is like pondering on how to stop the waves
>> of
>> the sea rolling onto the shore.
>> To kill, rape, torture must give some energy, a kind of high that is
>> addictive and probably creates a psychological space where-in one feels
>> him/herself master of all events in and outside oneself.
>> Destroy that space is the one thing I can think of, while working on your
>> art.
>> But can we? And isn't such practice in the end self-destructive, because
>> it
>> will eat your soul?
>> Meanwhile...
>> Greetings from the sunny coast of Calabria,
>> Rinus
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