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Hi Dave,

Perhaps add a link to the page of Marco's recent article on the very 
same subject.

Google New Breed: the commodification of digital art and its young minds

Wishing you well.

> !apologies for cross-posting!
> Corporate Curation
> http://freemachines.info/events/corporatecuration
> 25th September, 6.00-7.30pm at the Forest Centre Plus, 38 Castle 
> Terrace, EH3 9JD, Edinburgh.
> As the art world adjusts after the economic crisis and a series of 
> funding cuts to the state arts budget, assistance from big business is 
> increasingly sought to subsidise cultural production. At a time when 
> many 'emerging artists' are not receiving fair pay for their labour, 
> shouldn't we welcome more investment in the arts, whether the source 
> is public or private? And should we expect big business sponsorship to 
> alter the autonomy of the artist any more or less than the state would?
> Looking at Google's recent 'Dev Art' exhibition at the Barbican Centre 
> in London through the frame of a wider historical view on systems of 
> arts patronage, Corporate Curation will contextualise the current 
> neoliberal frameworks of cultural entrepeneurialism and the role big 
> business should play in the arts.
> With talks by Jake Watts and Dave Young, followed by an open forum for 
> collective debate.
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